PT. Angsa Daya, only produces stylish and innovative ceramic products with affordable prices. We are ready to continuously meet customer needs with high quality standards. Especially for ceramic products, PT. Angsa Daya has launched 3 brands of products to the market that is IKAD, IKEMA and PREMIERE.

IKAD is the first brand and has become one of the leading brands of PT. Angsa Daya known to the public. IKAD ceramic tiles come in a variety of products that can be accepted by all circles. Each design is launched in order to be accepted by the market either from the bottom to the upper class. IKEMA is the second ceramic brand launched by PT. Angsa Daya with the target lower & middle class market.

The IKEMA design is packaged to be preferred by the lower & middle class market. PREMIERE is the latest brand from PT. Angsa Daya with target marketer upper class . In accordance with its market segmentation, PREMIERE design is dominated by a minimalist design with a modern twist.